Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mostly non-creative things...

Ah! What a week! I feel like my head is spinning.

Where do I start? Aaron's car broke down on the highway on his commute home from work on Friday. By the time we picked it up last night it was up to $1,000 in repairs. OUCH! I'm busier than ever, too. This freelance job is a tough one. I'm working more than I expected to during the day. And that's not an easy thing to do with an almost-2-year-old. Speaking of, Benjamin has been such a difficult... or different... kid lately. He whines and demands so much time and attention from me now. There's a lot of frustration going on because he's trying to tell me what he wants and I still can't understand most of his babble! The past few weeks he's been up earlier than usual. He'll sit in his crib and say: "Daddy... daddy. Daddy! Daddy. Daddy. Daddy, DADDY!!! Hey! Daddy!" until one of us comes to get him. He used to just lay quietly for 20 or 30 minutes (we're guessing) before officially waking up. Not anymore! :)

Today I'm trying to get last minute things wrapped up here at home (laundry, packing, running to the library to return overdue books) because tomorrow Aaron and I will be heading out for a short 2 night trip to Disney. We decided our last trip fell short in so many ways, and because we had 2 days left on our 4 day park hopper ticket we decided now would be the best time to go back. Before the blistering summer heat hits us. And, we even decided to go without Ben right off the bat. If you remember, last time (2 months ago) Ben got sick and couldn't go. It actually was a blessing in disguise because after seeing all the miserable parents with 2 year olds, I can't imagine it would have been fun for us to drag him around the parks after all. By the way, it turns out these next few weeks are going to be a busy time at Disney World. Almost all of the lower priced Disney hotels were booked and most of the Disney resturaunts. I see waiting in lines in our future. But, it will be fun because I will not be sick this time!

Scrapbooking!!! I know, this is supposed to be a crafty creative blog. Well, I've been spending a lot of my usual scrapping time designing digital scrapbooking supplies. I have completed a huge set of buttons, stitching, and lots of doodles. I'm planning a few digital kits to possible release for sale in the next few months. I just have to figure out exactly HOW to sell them. Or where. Suggestions, anyone?

The freebie was a huge hit. In fact, I've seen more hits than ever before. I think I know now why people offer them! So, on that note, you will definitely be seeing more freebies. Fun, fun!

I have some pages to share with you that I made from the most recent Mosh Posh kit. It was such a bright and colorful kit... tons of chipboard! I had a blast playing with it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get those up until later this weekend. Maybe Sunday!

Wish me fun and safety on our little trip! I'll be back soon.


Nicole said...

Wow Brook you have been super busy..awesome job with the digital stuff you are rockin' it girl!!! Keep it up

Estee said...

HEY!! Where's your big Mosh Posh announcement post??? Hello? You ROCK!!