Friday, June 3, 2011

Someone said I should start blogging again.

And I kind of agreed!

Since I don't feel like moving to another blog again, I'll continue using this one... even though it WAS mainly my scrapbooking one. I do have another blog for my shop, but I'm not sure if I should use that for personal stuff or not.

So, where to start? Let me start by filling you on on practically an entire year. I know that's impossible... I think instead I'll just give you a quick list of what's happened and what's current:

1. My kids grew bigger and unfortunately, louder. :)
2. I practically stopped scrapbooking except for a few digital projects.
3. I am having a BLAST with the Etsy shop I run with my mom, Snookums & Me.
4. We live in the same town and are rapidly outgrowing our little town house.
5. I am focusing more on making and maintaining friendships.
6. In my free time I am sewing, working on embroidery, or drawing designs.
7. My husband has decided scruffy beards are cool.
8. I am waiting to send my 5 year old son to Kindergarten. So, I'll be doing preschool at home this year.
9. I love Yoga!
10. I lived without cable TV for more than a year. We recently got it back. Now I'm religiously watching the Casey Anthony trial on TruTV.
11. My new favorite food is Jasmine rice with a sprinkle of soy sauce.
12. I finally tried sushi (real raw fish stuff) and love it!
13. I will turn 31 in less than 2 weeks. YIKES!
14. My daughter is refusing to nap right now. I hear a little voice saying "Mommy Mommy Mommy" repeatedly right now.
15. My grandfather died in September, 2010. It was very upsetting for me.
16. I recently bought a huge stack of paper and paint to start illustrating again.
17. I am trying to lose weight!
18. My husband and I have decided to set aside 2 Fridays per month for a date night. It's been great for our marriage.
19. I make treasuries on Etsy and really enjoy it!
20. Since I last blogged I've made huge improvements to my photography.
21. The Local Scrapbooking Store in my city closed down 6 months ago. It was sad.
22. Our scrapbooking small group that meets at church is meeting for the last time tonight!
23. I'm thinking scrapbooking has seen better days.
24. My son is 4 (5 in a few days!) and my daughter is 2.5
25. The end!

:) I'm drinking a big cup of coffee that was sitting in the coffee pot from this morning (is that nasty?). I made 10 cups and only drank one before rushing out the door. Gosh, I hate to see good coffee go to waste. Even if it is a bit stale. LOL.

By the way, I think my daughter is sleeping now! Yay!

OK... better go. I've got to update my Snookums & Me blog and my shop before naptime is over! Glad to be back!!!