Saturday, December 20, 2008

My December Mosh Posh Layouts...

Well, I'm finally posting my December pages! And my January ones are already finished, too... I'm so behind. But I have a really good excuse. I'm SO VERY pregnant right now. Baby #2 is due to arrive in about 12 days. I am tired... exhausted to the bone, but I am getting awful sleep at night. And I'm having the craziest dreams, too!

We are ready for her to come!!! We've chosen the name now, but we're still not sharing until she's born. I love her name... it's beautiful. I'm sure it will fit her perfectly. :) It's been a great couple of weeks because I've had all this time to spend with Benjamin... just me & him. I realize that these are my last days of being a mommy to one, and that pretty soon he will have to share me. It makes me sad in a way, but I know he will be fine. I'm just so overly sentimental and emotional right now, it's kind of skewing my perspective on a lot of things. And causing me to write lots of Honey-Do lists for Aaron. Poor guy. :) LOL!

So, about these pages... I'm not usually one for Christmas things with pink, but this year I had to embrace it. The Dec. Mosh Posh kit forced me to make a real effort to do "pink-ish" Christmas pages. Turns out, I really love the combination of pink, red and green! I even did our card this year in those colors (remember, in my previous post). Anyways, so here are the pages I did with the kit. Sorry, the photos aren't the best... especially the first one. I had to adjust the levels in Photoshop to try to fix it. The sunlight wasn't the best.

I'm taking a 2 month (possibly 3) break from Mosh Posh to adjust to life with 2 kids. So, it will be a few months before I have any pages to share. I can't imagine I'll have much time for scrapbooking. But, I will be taking lots of photos, so I can share those.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Feeling Good...

Yay! Our tree is up (still no star yet, though!)... it's really feeling like Christmas in my cozy little bungalow house. I love Christmas decorations.

I am REALLY REALLY enjoying scrapbooking now that I'm on bedrest... er, "house arrest" as my doctor calls it. Thankfully, I can sit at the table or couch for some time. I don't have to be horizontal all day and THAT is a huge relief. I can live a somewhat normal, albeit lazy & sloth-like, existence. Anyways... back to scrapbooking. I always liked it, but now it's so much more than a hobby. It's sanity. It's therapy!!! :) Here are some sneak peeks as to what I've been up to with the December Mosh Posh kit:

I can't share all of my December Mosh Posh projects with you all yet (I have to upload to the Design Team gallery, first). So those will have to wait for another day. But I CAN share this really neat-o serving tray I made for the online class.

It was an easy project, it just takes a little time... basically waiting for paint to dry. I have it sitting on the lamp table by our front door now. It's going to be the permanent place where I keep all the Christmas cards we recieve this year (hello! send Christmas cards!).

Speaking of Christmas cards... want to see the evolution of our Christmas photo/card? The first year we just did a Costco card, so I only have the photo for that one. But, here they are... my changing family:




Next year our family will change even more on our Christmas card... we'll hopefully have a healthy baby girl, almost 1 year old. :)