Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Petrified Lizards and other tall tales...

Funny things that aren't really funny at all:

* I still haven't brushed my teeth today. Isn't that funny? Or, stinky?

* Yesterday, at my mom's house, Benjamin brought something to my mom and handed it to her. She then handed it back to him and told him to give it to Mommy. On his way over to me she said to be calmly: "Brook, don't scream." I immediately knew what was in his hand by the shape of it jutting from his chubby fist and bolted! "Benjamin," I cried, "follow Mommy to the trash can!" The look on his face was a combination of puzzled and curious. As I power-walked to the kitchen all I could think was: don't put it in your mouth. Then he walked to the trash can and tossed in the dead, mostly dry, lizard. Funny, huh?

* My son has started screaming at me for no apparent reason. I mean bloodcurdling-banshee-gonna-pop-a-tonsil screaming. I think it's because he can't communicate what he wants to and it infuriates him. I am trying to be humorous about it. I think the terrible twos have really begun. ha. ha.

* I have three dryer loads of laundry piled on my couch waiting to be folded.

* My favorite pair of jeans has erupted with one of those knee-holes. You know, the kind that actually sorta looks trendy when it starts? Well, now it's a hole as in HOLE and doesn't look trendy anymore, just raggedy like can't I afford to buy another pair of jeans already? And you know what's (not) funny? I can't!!!

Ok, so if my not funny funnies isn't awful enough, how about some scrapbook pages? I've been creatively stuck for a week and then I kind of went crazy and did 8 pages. Some are awful, but a few really shine. Here are a few... the rest are in my gallery at Two Peas (the link is on the top right hand side of the page under my photo). Enjoy!

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Michelle said...

Your have such great layouts :)