Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm heeeere! I'm here!

Don't worry my dearies... I am not gone! :)

I've been very preoccupied the past few weeks. I'm working on some freelance design jobs which is really taking 80% of my brain right now. It's funny, but this is what I used to do full time before Ben and it came so easily to me. Now that I'm only doing it now and then it's so much harder and takes a lot more brain power! Plus, the added difficulty of working when my very active toddler is trying to get my attention. Not so easy. Anyways, I will be in the midst of that job for at least another month... but I am getting better at managing my time. And taking advantage of Grandma's free babysitting services!

Also, have you been outside lately? It's wonderful weather here in South Florida. Today, not so much (it's 85 degrees today), but it's been in the 70's... just ideal. Ben and I have been spending a lot of time park hopping and hanging outside. The computer has only been my friend for work and yes, the occasional digital scrapbooking adventure.

Speaking of digital scrapbooking, I am REALLY into it! I know that I can use my computer and design skills to really dive into it. I am excited about exploring my abilities in drawing and design to create original elements and patterned papers. I think I can do it! I certainly want to try. It would be so much fun. So, I've been gathering up supplies (textures, my illustrations, color inxpiration, etc.) and dabbling in Illustrator to sharpen my abilities. Hopefully within the next month I'll have a few freebies here for you all to enjoy... and you can help me grow as a designer by testing out my stuff. Sound good? :) LOL!

I'm also very into regular scrapbooking. The next kit at Mosh Posh is too cute:

I love the colors and all the chipboard. Can't have enough chipboard!!! I have to clear off my half of the dining room table (the other half is hubby's, he sits there with his laptop) and get to scrapping! My pace has certainly slowed down the past month, but I'm getting back into it. I was having fun trying to fit as many photos on one page as I possibly can... and then it got not fun, so I abandoned a couple of pages mid-creation.

Anyways, off to go upstairs and get ready for church! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!!!


Estee said...

Hi Brook!! It sounds like you have your hands full! I hope that you get to do lots of park hopping, that is always fun with a toddler. Maybe you will have some time to post a few layouts, hint hint! I love your style! I hope that you are trying out for a certain Design Team... yes?? Have a great Sunday! :)

Brook said...

Haha, Estee!!! Yes, I know I have been beyond awful at posting layouts lately. Perhaps today I will make a special effort... just for you! ;) And yes, I think a certain Design Team would be the perfect place for me right now. I just have to work on posting my LO's and I think I'll be ready! LOL!