Monday, April 7, 2008

Doing the digital thing.

I've dabbled in digital scrapbooking. Tried it out with a few free kits and supplies I scrounged up on the internet, and it was fun. I was somewhat interested in doing it again, but never did any more pages. Fast forward to this past Friday when I decided to take the plunge and print out those 2 pages I did digitally. I sent them in to Costco and picked them up an hour and a half later... and WOW. They looked awesome! It was incredible how much they looked like a "regular" scrapbook page once they were 12x12 and in my album with all the rest. So... I think I'm going to do more pages digitally. I could never give up paper & paste scrapbooking, but it's so appealing to be able to sit down at my computer and create a beautiful page... without any mess. The dining room table can stay clean!

So because I've decided to officially enter the world of digital, I've been "shopping" for great supplies and a few kits. I've found a whole bunch of awesome websites and designers that I want to share with everyone, so I'm adding a new column to link to their pages. And stay tuned because this afternoon I'm downloading some supplies. I hope to have some new pages up for you to see very soon!

Until then!

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