Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Magical... or something

May I point out a few things of interest in this photograph (the best photo taken of us out of the two days were were at Disney):

1. We are both wearing camo shorts. This was not an accident or some kind of oops-we're-matching thing. It was actually planned... although I am now regretting it immensely after seeing this photo. Immensely. It looks like we just came from the Bass Pro shop or something! LOL!

2. I need a tan.

3. This is a nice picture of the magnificent Cinderella's Castle, huh? What castle, you say? Well, maybe the castle would have looked nice in the photo. However we are almost complely obstructing it. It's coming out of our heads! And don't even mention the street light. *sigh*

4. Notice the sea gull over to the left? I was dodging those buggers the entire time. I've seen them poop on people's heads and did NOT want that to happen to me. It seems the gulls are a serious issue here... there were tons more of them than the last time I was at Disney (about 3 years ago).

5. The girl in the black pants to my left... is her leg... broken? It's bent at such an odd angle. Totally creeping me out.

6. The fanny pack. Yes, I went there.

Now tell me how I am going to scrap this photo? Talk about a challenge!!! :)

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Nicole said...

brookie i must have laughed out loud at least three times... you are hiliarious. You should scrap it with exactly the same journaling that you used here!!!