Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busy, Simple & In-Between

Well, when it comes to scrapbooking I wouldn't say I have a certain "style" that I tend to stick with. Sometimes I feel like doing a quick page with minimal embellishments and other times I can't stop adding things! These past few days I've done three very different pages. One I feel I went a little overboard, one is plain (too plain?) and the other is just right. Can you guess which is which?

Just to update you about Ben and our upcoming Disney trip... it turns out he has croup. It's contagious and even though he got steroids and a breathing treatment on the nebulizer, he will not be well enough for Disney on Friday. I wouldn't dream of dragging him there in that condition, especially since there was already a 50% chance he would be miserable in perfect health! :) Also, the doctor didn't say this but after some research I found out that the steroids do suppress the immune system a bit. And the last thing I want is for him to pick up something else! Poor baby! The funniest part of this all is that he will most likely have an even more magical time at his grandparents house than Disney could have ever offered! It was honestly for our enjoyment more than his. And now we will get a romantic vacation for ourselves that we would have never arranged on our own if this hadn't happened. Everything seems to have been divinely arranged for us.

It will break my heart to leave Ben feeling sick, but he is in expert hands with my mom and dad. Hopefully he will be much better by Friday. It will still be hard for me to leave him. Does that ever go away, though? It seems like everyone I talk to says it is tough to leave their kids. I think it will be less tough on Saturday morning when, for the first time since his birth, I will sleep in with absolutely no reason to wake up at any particular time. Amen! ;)


lam said...

I love your designs and how you mix some of the diffrent kits from mosh-posh. I got so much inspiration looking through your blog.

Nicole said...

brookie all three pages are great but to guess... the christmas page you think is too plain. the cousins page you think is just right, the middle page you think you went I right? Great pages brookie.. i like them all