Friday, January 11, 2008

Yummy things...

Sakura Souffle pens! I love pens and hoard them, so these recently caught my eye.
I haven't purchased any yet, but they look like tons of fun. They are opaque and can be used on dark or light paper which is always nice. But here's the best thing: they puff up into a soft foamy texture. Welcome back the 90's puff paint craze, only less messy and archival safe (or at least it seems). I guess these pens can be used on almost anything, but obviously I'd want to use them on my scrapbook pages. My only concern is that this fragile texture might stick to or be crushed by the page protector.
I think I might go out and buy one to test it out before splurging on the whole colorful set. ;D I LOVE finding new things to try.

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Anonymous said...

i saw those pens too and wanted to know how they worked!!!