Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don't know why...

I think I'm going to keep up with a blog! But, I've had a few in the past and really loved having a place to express myself. With this blog I'm hoping to use it more as a place for creative sharing and inspiration for my artistic ventures.

I am a stay-at-home mom to my 18 month old son, Ben. But before my days of diapering and playdates I got a BFA in studio arts (with a focus in painting) and worked as a graphic designer, Visual Arts director, set designer, and freelance mural painter. I really enjoy crafts and art making. My current obsession is scrapbooking. Ever since Ben was born I felt such an urge to hold on to the memories of his babyhood and tell the story of my own life for future generations (and myself!). It seemed like every day held such a special moment and I was worried I would forget all of those special times. Also, I've always been drawn to using photos in an artistic way. Since I was a little girl I've used photos to create mini books, mostly as gifts for family. So, I think I was destined to be a scrapbooker, a keeper of memories. It's my passion.

So, I hope you will enjoy my little blog!

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Nicole said...

brook I hope you keep this going... I will definitely come back by and check it out.