Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ugh! The COLDS, the TEETH...

Did I already say UGH!? First Ben gets the sniffles, then I get a kind of annoying sore throat... and it all goes downhill from there. Now Ben is cutting his eye teeth on top of a miserable cold and that's not good considering he is the worst teether... it just takes forever to cut through and he refuses to drink or sleep. I now have an awful cold with body aches, sore throat, cough, runny nose, the whole shebang. Hubby called me from work this afternoon with some great news: he has the cold, too! UGH!
Ok, so enough complaining for me. On to more exciting things! I finished the pages PLUS more. One leetle bitty problem though... I didn't photograph them yet. I intended to get that done this afternoon during Ben's nap (HA) but alas, naps were not had. I could scan them, but it takes me forever and the colors just don't turn out right. So, maybe tomorrow?
For now I will share a few happy things:
THIS scrapbooking kit from Mosh Posh! Yummy yum yum. It gets my creative juices flowing. I just love the combo of pink, red, and bright blue. The blue is the part I really love. Now I can do valentine-ish lovey dovey pages with photos of my guys without completely immasculating them! I can't wait for these supplies to be delivered to my doorstep next month.

Me and my sweet baby boy in the Western NY snow, a few days before Christmas. We had so much fun playing in (and eating) the snow. I just love snow, it's so beautiful and sparkley... but maybe I love it so much because I don't have to live in it. I just get to visit it!

And finally, this set of 4"x4" decorative scrap blocks I made for my Grandma Rowe. They have pics of her 5 kids on the sides. Most of the supplies are K&Co. She loved them, they made her cry... and that's pretty good considering she's not usually sentimental like that! :) It made me feel super good to give them to her.

Well, that's all from me. I'm going to go cuddle with my hubby on the couch and watch more hilarious American Idol auditions!

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