Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Farewells & New horizons...

Hey! I'm back! :) Boy, I've got lots to catch up on...

Snookums & Me, my little Etsy shop, is going well! Three sales in the first month... which I've heard is good for a new seller with 0 Feedback. Sales are always nice, but regardless of how many I'm thrilled with how it's coming along. Mom and I are making some really cute stuff! We have bunnies, robots, blankies, cards, and pre-made scrapbook pages so far... more to come.

Check out our Snookums & Me blog to read more about that part of my life: http://www.snookumsandme.blogspot.com/

My kids! They are growing soooo big. And beautiful, if I don't say so myself. ;) I am enjoying Grace so much at this age. 13 months is FUN! I love it how she's talkative and full of adventurous spirit. The girl has guts! She doesn't let anything slow her down. I can't wait to see what type of person she becomes and more and more of her personality comes out. So far it's looking like we'd better watch out! She'll be bungee jumping from the roof before we know it. LOL. Benjamin is at a more difficult age. He is acting like a boy now... no more baby. The baby is melting away from him every day... it's actually hard for me to see him change so much. He has his OWN ideas about things, for example: I should wear my hair in a ponytail and wear glasses - not contact lenses! The hard part of this is the daily tantrums, arguments, and stalling. They are wearing me thin. I pray for patience every day. :)



Ok, is this not the sweetest photo ever? My kids! I caught them in my rear view mirror holding hands and grabbed my camera while swerving to avoid on-coming traffic (just kidding). Then, I turned around and held the steering wheel with my knee (just kidding) and took a few shots. Of course I had to adjust the ISO and bracket the shot just to make sure it came out OK (kidding!!!). But seriously, I probably shouldn't be doing photography whilst driving. Please do not judge. I mean, I couldn't let this moment go un-captured. :)

Another thing that I'm having a tough time with is this blog: BROOKS CRAPS. LOL. It's not really Brook's Craps. It's Brook Scraps. Seriously. Why did I not think about that? And why did I choose such a name to make me feel like all that belongs on this blog is my scrapbooking stuff? A change is in motion. I need a new blog, one that encompasses everything I do and my everyday life. I'm thinking of letting this one go dormant and heading back to my old Dilly Girl blog. I'll keep you posted.

Finally, I've stepped down from the Mosh Posh Design Team. :( BIG bummer. This was a not-so-easy choice for me, trust me. I have been thinking about it for months as my life just gets busier and busier. I've had less time to devote to using the kits to their fullest extent, and blogging on the blog like I should. I knew it was time.

My family has been urging me for some time to start my OWN business or use my time more wisely... and I mostly have disagreed with them because I LOVED being on the Design Team. Getting free kits and being able to create with them monthly was such a reward and honor. I truly enjoyed the challenge, the community, and the creativity. But, I did eventually feel like my time to enjoy working with the kits was getting less and less as the months passed. So, in order to allow for someone with more time and ability than myself, I stepped down. :( The March 2010 kit was my last one. I loved it so much... here's what I did with it:

So, if you're reading along with me, give me a shout in the comments! I know my readership is low because I'm so infrequent... but I'd really love to hear what you think and get to know everyone. :) Hi!


Divya Rohatgi said...

dont worry about readership yet, u r awesome.. n people will follow... for starters u got 1 avid reader(thats me).. love ur blog, scrapbook layouts, ur fun personality that reflects from ur writing. keep going..
and best of luck for ur new business. post ur etsy shops link on this blog too..


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed as always with your creativity. I just want to be like you when I grow up. :) Really though, I am totally enamored with your new store and LOVE your products. They are great!! Best of luck to you and your mom. Love, Michelle

Frances said...

Hey Brookie!!!! I love what you are doing in your ETSY shop...you and your mom are too cute! I am soooo sad to hear about you stepping down from Mosh Posh, well, kinda...because it seems as though you may need the extra time. And I totally get that!

Good luck Brooke! And I will be visiting and chatting soon!

Bonnie Widmaier said...

lol brooks craps :) this makes me laugh. grace is so beautiful. i just love the pic of her in the car. i love when you blog. keep it up.