Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My house is flooded! Yes. It's true. :(

We stepped into a puddle when we arrived home from our one week vacation to a wonderful beach house. Our NEW hot water heater, which is located under our stairs inside the house, malfunctioned and started leaking... probably the moment we locked the door and left! The carpet in the living room was slick with bacteria, the house was as humid as a bog, and the tile was a giant puddle. To say the least, there was a lot of damage. We are living with my parents right now until the house is fixed... which (shhh, don't tell them) could be more than a month.

I am so out of whack right now it's not even funny. I was looking forward to getting home from vacation and falling into our old comfortable routine again. Getting the kids to sleep in their room (all thru the night) and snuggling into my very own bed again. I was planning on getting lots of work done with scrapbooking projects for my upcoming etsy store, and cleaning up the mess I left when we were desperately trying to pack for vacation. Well, none of that is happening.

My friend had something similar just happen to her and I love how she described it. She said she felt frozen. That's exactly how I feel! There's just SO much to be done that I don't even know where or how to start. I am still in shock that my whole house smells like a sewer and that we have to go through the process of hauling everything out, ripping everything up, and starting all over again. It's exhausting just thinking about it.

I am sooo thankful that I have my parents living 15 minutes from my house. The kids just love them, and mom is more than happy to help me with them so I can go get paint chips, search for tile, and schedule repairs. My brother is not so psyched that we've taken over his bedroom, though. And I get cranky at night when I can't just sit in a comfortable spot and watch what I want to on the TV.

I used to live here, this used to be my home. It's so crazy to me how it doesn't feel like home anymore. I really can't wait to have my home back. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and within budget!

Anyways, on a more exciting note (hey, that shouldn't be hard)... Mosh Posh just gave their website a brand new look and the September kit was just posted yesterday:

Nice, isn't it???? I am a huge fan of Sassafras Lass and it seems like Kristen is too because she keeps giving it to us! The Sweet Marmalade papers are so cheerful. Also some YUMMMY Lily Bee Designs paper & tulle flowers from the new Vintage Poppy collection. I'm super happy about the new Jenni Bowlin sticker alphas & borders, too. This kit is going to be a blast to play with. Maybe it will get me out of my funk?? I hope so!

So, stay tuned. I'll post some pics from the magical vacation... and the not-so-magical flooding. :) Later!


Bonnie Widmaier said...

praying for you as you get your house and life back in order. cant wait to see pics

june at noon said...

Ugh, Brook, so sorry to hear about the flood. I hope you find a routine that works for now and that you get back into your home soon!