Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bathing Suit Shopping and other horrors...

Well, today is Tuesday and here I am sitting at the computer with my pathetic cup of coffee. I am drinking it without any enjoyment because we are completely out of cream or milk. I don't like black coffee. Gag. But I need the caffiene so I am sipping it anyways.

Also, today I am going bathing suit shopping. Gag. Thankfully, my mom is coming with me so I don't have to drag the kids into the fitting room 18 times. Gotta love mom! She's also GREAT at picking out clothes. I love having her opinion. It's just such a downer to shop for a bathing suit. I hate trying them on because it's so awkward to look at yourself in the mirror with the blaring lights, your underpants peeking out from the edges. LOL.

And is it just me or has the selection of decent bathing suits declined? Or is it just that I'm getting older and more modest?

Well, it's August! Can you believe it? I'd love to share my Mosh Posh scrapbook pages with you. I really really loved playing with these June Bug papers by Basic Grey. The colors are so saturated and they scream summer! It made me so happy to find photos that paired well with the colors because, to me, these papers even make my photos look more wonderful. In fact, I loved them so much that I hopped over to Two Peas In A Bucket and bought the whole June Bug collection. :)

So, here they are:

This one is about Grace at two months old. She was a difficult baby, but it was encouraging to see her personality and sweet smile. I Loved this patterned paper, but to make it shine even more I added stitching, Stickles glitter, and cut & folded it. Here's a close-up:

It was a little time-consuming, but well worth it. This page is even better in person. It sparkles just like my little Gracie.

It's too funny... when Ben was 18 months or so (I still have to look up the date of these photos) I taught him how to put his orange peels in his mouth and smile. From then on, everytime I gave the kid an orange he would do it and demand that his picture be taken. I have dozens of "orange smile" photos because they are soooo cute. I haven't scrapped it until now because I was looking for the right papers. Bright, cheery, with an orange to match. These were perfect. So were the ribbons I added from my own collection.

I'm not a card maker, but the August Inspiration Sketch by Jenny had a great scalloped rectangle with 6 squares in it and I immediately thought: card. What really makes this card work is the navy inking on the edges of the squares. I think it unifies them and gives it polish.

I love old photos! Especially when I can scan them and give them new life by correcting the damage and age. This photo is of my mom and her brother Eddie. They have the same birth date, so all of my moms old childhood photos of her birthday are always with Ed. I just LOVE it how my grandma made such frilly cakes and cupcakes. The colors in these photos are just yummy.

Ben loves his Comfortable Pants. He has 4 pairs of these plaid flannel pants, handed down from my Aunt and her 8 year old son Brandyn. Ben can't nap with out "comfortables" on. I thought it deserved a page of it's own! I will be sad when he grows out of them.

And lastly, this page about summer memories at my childhood home. The house number was 9871, so I used that as the title. The subtitle is smaller and up at the top, it says "summer memories". I am really into using BIG photos on my scrapbook pages lately. I printed this one out at 8x10 because there were so many details I wanted to see more clearly. When I scanned the original, I scanned it at 800 dpi so that I would be able to enlarge it without losing resolution. The result is a picture that brings me back to those times... my dad's Mazda GLC, the trees in my yard... that house is where I spent the majority of my childhood. Good times!

Anyways, I'd better get off the computer and get dressed! Wish me luck bathing suit shopping. I'm not having much luck with this black coffee, though, it's cold now. Better hit Starbucks!

Have a great Tuesday!


Michelle said...

I hope you had good luck swim suit shopping! It is not something I really enjoy either.
I love all of your LO's this month. The one of Gracie really does shine! You can tell you put so much work and time into it. It is beautiful. My other fav is Ben in his flannel pants. Too cute!! LOve the page and the little pic of him at the top! Hope your weekend is a good one!! =)

Katherine said...

Somehow I missed this post in reader :( All the layouts are just gorgeous! Love how you used the big pic of your childhood home. What a great idea! I stopped by to let you know I've had your binky & blankie layout bookmarked for a while - it's awesome! I finally scraplifted it; pretty much the same subject too LOL!
if you're curious...

Lydia said...

WOW what a fantastic collection of layouts, I absolutley love the stitching on the first one!! Great Job!

Lisa Carroll said...

Beautiful Projects!! I just adore the Comfortables one. Such a wonderful design. And I love how you folded the paper on the other one. So creative!