Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man, do I love my kiddo...

My son Ben is weeks away from his third birthday and as that date fast approaches he becomes more and more precocious. The kid says the most hysterical things. He's even arguing with me at great length several times a day... about nothing at all. When I ask (or tell) him to do something he usually replies with a 5 paragraph long dissertation about this and that instead of just saying "yes, Mommy". I would prefer the "yes, Mommy" but I completely understand where he got this lengthiness from. It's 100% me. It's one of my most annoying, and endearing, personality traits. My whole family calls me the lawyer. I really should have pursued law instead of art. I thrive on healthy debate and heated arguments. And I LOVE being right! I am right. Always. ;)

Anyways, today we had yet another of these moments where my child when told what to do tried desperately to come up with an argument. And instead of letting it annoy me I ran to a sheet of scrap paper and wrote it down. It went like this:

Me: "Oh, look, Benjamin! Gracie is awake!"
Ben: "I need to get down and see her now."
Me: "Nope. You need to finish your lunch first."
Ben: "UGH. I'm just... too thirsty for this. I just... can't eat any garbage! Or apples! Or nothin'!!!"
Me: ...writing...
Ben: *sigh* "My teeth can't chew any more of this food. I just can't. I'm finished."
Me: ...writing...
Ben: "I'm tired about this lunch! Because... this is a bad noodle today!!!" *sigh*

The funniest things about this is that A: he was pausing to wait for me to respond... which I usually do. B: he was not even eating noodles for lunch C: he continued this silly talk for 3 more minutes before he finally finished his lunch.

Well, yesterday I promised a downloadable version of my paper-pieced Birdie Family Pattern. Thanks so much for all the compliments on it! I really would love to see your layouts if any of you use the pattern. About the pattern: the image of it in yesterday's post is not printable... it will be super blurry if you try. So please download this version if you want to print it. Click here to download the printable file.

Now, since I haven't updated my blog in ages and ages, I figured I'd post my May Mosh Posh layouts today. Better late than never, right? I loved loved loved this kit. I gobbled it up. I really love the new Lily Bee papers and the Sassafras Lass papers combined.

The kit didn't come with any flower add-ons and I wanted MORE (I'm very into flowers lately), so I hand-cut my own flowers from the papers in the kit. With just a little folding and creasing it's hard to tell which are handmade and which are purchased. This is a great tip if you ever need a flower but don't have any that match. Just grab another flower and trace around it on the paper... then cut it out. I like to fold each petal in half and then curl the petals back with my fingers. For an extra dimension I sometimes ink the edges with my cats eye chalk inks.

So, those are my layouts for the May kit! Oh, and some news... my hubby bought me a Cricut on ebay for mother's day. I plan on trying it out for the first time sometime this weekend. It needs new mats. I'm definitely excited about it but also apprehensive because I've never used a die-cutting machine before. I hope I like it!



Heather said...

You will LOVE your Cricut. I'm addicted to mine. LOL You won't have to hand cut flowers any more!

Michelle said...

I love your May LO's, Brook. I love your argument/conversation with Ben. Boy, does mine sound like yours!! He's started doing that same thing. He will be 3 in December, so pretty close in age! Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend and have had a chance to try out your Cricut.