Monday, August 25, 2008

.... um, hi!

Yes, I know I have been very very bad about blogging! Bad bad bad badbadbadbad. I've also been bad about scrapping... so, see? The two are connected.

I'm good about keeping up with my commitments to Mosh Posh. But between finishing my August assignments and now I have done one layout. One. :) I am busy, you know? Things like napping, eating, and getting sick with colds and stuff like that. I can't even blame it on television because that's been slim pickings. Aaron and I did rent the second season of Big Love and watched all of those episodes in the span of a week. But other than that no tv, really. Just a little Olympics here and there. And a dash of Project Runway.

Do you want to know where I've really been? What I've REALLY been doing?

Me too!

It's like my brain is 50% vegetable. Pregnancy brain is to blame and that's not just an excuse. I read (somewhere?) that it's scientifically proven. I think a lot... about what I should be doing. It takes me 30 minutes longer to go grocery shopping! I get "stuck" mentally several times during a visit to the grocery store. One of the stickiest places is the aisle with the pens, batteries, lightbulbs... I just stand there thinking I need something but can't put my finger on it. What I need IS a lightbulb. Above my head, that is.

I am tired, too. The worst case of tired I've ever experienced. Lord help me, isn't the second trimester supposed to bring that much-desired oasis of "energy burst" that all the pregnancy books talk about? That sense of well-being? Hah. I will say, it's great to not be nauseated 24/7 anymore... but why is it that I still can't brush my teeth without gagging? Or clean out the fridge without getting the heebie jeebies? And why is it still a stomach-turning experience to cook dinner, I ask you? (well, that last one might be slightly fabricated, but it works for me) ;)

I'm just glad I'm not sick anymore. I caught my son's cold and between the two of us we killed 3 mega boxes of puffs (nay to Kleenex). The cold kept us home bound for close to two weeks. No playdates or social encounters with friends... but in the thick of it I did slip away with Ben to the bookstore because I needed some reading material. It doesn't count when you get strangers sick... right?

Anyways, I will try my darndest to give this blog some TLC. I do have some layouts to share with you. I also have to update my gallery at Two Peas because I've done a lot since the last time I uploaded there. If you miss me, take a visit to the Mosh Posh message board or blog. I make appearances there often. The September kit is going to be one of the best ever... so if you're looking for a great scrapbooking kit, take a peek!


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